Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Kick Ass" - in theaters

This movie rocked my balls off.

Or at least, it would've if I had any balls.

But seriously, this movie, like the title proclaims, kicks ass.

Personally, I found "Kick Ass" to be a more fun version of "Watchmen". The idea of everyday people dressing up as vigilantes and delivering justice with a side of sass isn't a new concept, but in this particular film, it was done with flair.

The standout performance goes to the 11-year-old sociopath by the name of Hit Girl (played here by Chloe Moretz, who also did most of her own stunts, believe it or not). Every review of the film that I have read describes her as a foul-mouthed, butt-kicking machine. While she didn't disappoint on the butt-kicking front, the foul-mouthed description was a bit off. Yes, she did have her colorful moments, but not as many as I expected. Those that she did have were executed brilliantly though and frankly, I wasn't too offended to hear that language coming out of her mouth. If you kick ass the way she does, I reckon you would talk like that too.

Hit Girl's dad, "Big Daddy" (played by Nicolas Cage) is an ex-cop who was wrongly incarcerated by one Frank D'Amico (Mark Strong, who is just so damn good at playing the villain). It is now Big Daddy's greatest wish to take down Frank and every single one of his goons, not to mention steal all of his money in the process. I loved Nicolas Cage in this role because you could see how much he relished being able to put on a superhero costume and kick butt. He LOVED it, you can just tell.

It is into this web that Kick Ass (played by Aaron Johnson) soon becomes trapped. It's a shame for him, because he started off wearing his masked avenger outfit simply to help out all of the underdogs of this world. But a case of mistaken identity, and a trap laid out by Red Mist (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, i.e. McLovin'), who happens to be the son of Frank D'Amico, and you've got the recipe for a kick butt finale full of blood, bullets, and a bazooka. Seriously, a bazooka!

There's also a love story mixed in, with Kick Ass lusting after a schoolmate who actually thinks he's her gay BFF. Ah, another case of mistaken identity.

So, on the CWeave scale of 1 to 10, I give this movie a solid 8.5. Action, romance, revenge, and a touch of ridiculousness go a long way in my book. And this movie had all four. A combination such as this make for one hell of a good time at the multi-plex!

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