Saturday, March 20, 2010

"She's Out of My League" - in theaters

The main reason that I wanted to see this film is because I have a sort of crush on the lead actor, Jay Baruchel. I loved him in "Tropic Thunder" and in "I'm Reed Fish", and thought he was absolutely disgusting in "Knocked Up". But that's all beside the point.

"She's Out of My League" centers around Kirk (Baruchel), your average, run of the mill, skinny guy who works airport security in Pittsburgh. Then, a gorgeous woman named Molly accidentally leaves her cell phone at security, and before you know it, the two are an item.

I didn't find this movie totally unbelievable the way some may. I occasionally notice how some very attractive women are with not-so-attractive men, and always attributed it to the "beauty on the inside" argument. But in this film, Kirk doesn't seem to have any beauty on the inside, or at least, none that he can tell. This idea is only reinforced by his friends (who I found extremely hilarious), who constantly tell him he's not good enough for Molly. Throw in an extremely macho pilot ex-boyfriend, and voila! You have a character plagued in self doubt and insecurity and we all know what that means: movie magic.

This movie is R-rated, so you get some really good R-rated laughs out of it. There's a particular scene involving semen that literally had me squirming in my seat. In fact, Kirk is so awkward in most of his scenes with Molly that it's impossible not to squirm through those as well. But I found it all to be part of his charm, and I totally dug it. Plus, any guy that uses the expression "Raw-dogging some randoms" takes the cake in my book.

I also enjoyed Patty (played by Krysten Ritter), who is Molly's extremely bitchy best friend and business partner. Krysten seems to be carving out the "Judy Greer" niche for herself, perpetually playing the best friend and comic relief. Patty's relationship with Kirk's best friend, Stainer, is humorous simply because of their mutual hatred for the other. It's good times.

So, on the CWeave scale of 1 to 10. I give this movie a 7.5. It was offbeat, touching, and had many "guffaw" moments. And I believe that you can't ask for more than that when you purchase a movie ticket.

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