Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Knight and Day" - in theaters

Even after seeing this movie, I still don't get where they derived that title. Part of it makes sense, but the other piece is lost on me...

Anyway, even though I know that Tom Cruise is banana sandwich in real life, I usually like his movies. He's got charisma, and in this particular film, it's practically oozing out of his pores. Cruise plays covert agent Roy Miller, who runs into Cameron Diaz's character, June Havens, at the Wichita airport. June owns a garage in Boston (which I thought was pretty rad), and was in Kansas finding parts for a car she's restoring to give to her baby sister as a wedding present the following weekend. But wouldn't you know it? June gets mixed up in Roy's business, then all of a sudden, they're in a plane crash, then June is being questioned and kidnapped and Roy is saving her, and it's all very action-packed and entertaining.

I'm pretty sure that Tom Cruise made an arrangement with Scientology so that he never ages, because he looks great in the movie. He and Diaz have pretty rockin' chemistry, which drives a large portion of the film. I was disappointed in the sense that a lot of the action scenes are blurred over, seen from the perspective of June, who Roy seems to keep drugging to protect her.

Roy's mission is to protect Simon Feck (played by Paul Dano, who is fabulous in the pathetic nerd category), who invented the everlasting Gobstopper of batteries. This battery is now wanted by every major arms dealer, not to mention Roy's ex-partner (Peter Sarsgaard, who always adds that sketchy element to any bad guy) who double-crossed him and made Roy look like he had gone rogue. Which always seems to happen to Tom Cruise, doesn't it?

Much in the same manner as "The A-Team" this film was light, entertaining, summer fare with pretty backdrops and quality action. So on the CWeave scale, I give this a solid 6.5. I'm too curious for my own good here, so minus points for the breezed over action sequences, but bonus points to Tom, who seemed to do all of his own stunts. I mean, seriously, the guy does NOT age.

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